Bournemouth Weather

The temperature in Bournemouth right now


Bournemouth has consistently lower than average rainfall figures. The Atlantic low pressures that drive wet weather up from the west regularly just miss Bournemouth, and the town manages to stay drier and sunnier than other areas really close by. This is helped by the surrounding hills, which seem to keep the rain clouds at bay. Any Bournemouth resident will confirm that there are days when angry rainclouds can be seen surrounding Bournemouth while the beach stays sunny and warm.

Bournemouth weather is at its best between May and September with July and August capable of producing some hot, dry days. Often a disappointingly cloudy start will suddenly transform into a glorious day.

January to March are the coldest months, but even these can be mild compared to the rest of the country. A walk along the beach on a cold, crisp winter’s day followed by a well-deserved hot drink can be as rewarding as a sunny day. For sunset watchers Bournemouth is at its best during September and October when the sun puts on a dazzling display of colours.

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