Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

14-21 October 2017

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival presents a great diversity of arts with dance, film, theatre, performance, visual arts, spoken word, literature and music all well represented. Featuring regional, national and international talent there is plenty to see, do and learn.

Arts Bournemouth are confident that the festival is becoming a major cultural event on the international arts calendar: enabling artists to create new work, and showcase their best work, and encourage local, national and international visitors to Bournemouth. The inaugural festival in 2011 attracted many thousands of visitors.

The Celestial SoundCloud by Pif-Paf  – Interactive, multi-sensory installation with melodies, harmonies and colours.

Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory By Emergency Exit Arts – Help Dr. Kronovator as he prepares experiments and creates fire effects.

The Poetry Bus Info Point – The Poetry Bus is the information point for brochures, timetables and festival updates.

The Cockatoo Art Bar (Alcohol served, 18+) – Intriguing live acts and cocktails.

Beethoven Bonanza by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra – An evening of Beethoven with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Labels by Joe Sellman-Leava – Comedy and spoken word tell a moving story about mixed heritage and immigration.

Funky Little Choir – Funky Little Sounds from the Funky Little Choir.

Plastic Beach by Sol Cinema – A solar powered cinema screening films highlighting the issues of plastics in our oceans.

The Umbrella Project by Cirque Bijou – Quirky moving art installation travelling through Bournemouth.

The Sea Sphere by Show Globe – The mermaid will be in her Sea Sphere before finding her way home under the sea.

Mechanical Heart by Felicity Jones – ‘Mechanical Heart’ by Felicity Jones, a vivid steam punk sculpture.

LAND by Michele O’Brien – This performance highlights the value of our local natural surroundings

SEED by Pif-Paf – Join Wilford and aid him in his journey, as he struggles against the odds in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens.

Davy Jones, the Deep Sea Fish by Rag… – Davy Jones is a deep sea fish on a bike. See him cycling around Bournemouth.

Sixteen String Jack – A three-piece south coast band, playing Americana, Irish traditional and country music at Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens Bandstand.

Hello Buoys by Kitsch & Sync – Kitsch & Sync are a dance theatre trio with enough vintage clobber to make your gran proud.

What Once Was Ours, Zest Theatre and Half… – A performance about the climate and uncertainty for our world, boiled down to the lives of two characters drowning in waste.

Wandering Lionfish by Artemis – Spectacular, roaming sea creatures set to wander through the Lower Gardens, captivating audiences of all ages.

Litterbugs – Exhibition – An exhibition of Litterbugs created by schoolchildren in Bournemouth.

Beach Clean with Litter Free Coast and Sea – A community beach clean with a difference – beach cleaning, educational activities and competitions.

Lobsters à la Cart by Artizani – Huge inflatable, illuminated lobsters prowling around BournemouthSquare.

The Rockpool by Kerith Ogden and Bee Jasco – Marine life from the future -drink-bottle sea anenomes, battered lego fish and plastic-bag seaweed.

Tuba Libres – 80s classics, modern pop and excessive original brass band tunes.

Turning the Tide by Mick Stephenson – A light installation allowing you to walk in a sea of plastic.

The Lumiphonica – Get  lost in an immersive world where sound becomes colour and light becomes soundmaking music.

Witness This presented by Company Chameleon – Moving portrayal of how loved ones cope when mental health problems take hold.

“Aquastic” – A series of paintings immersing the viewer in an underwater world.

Rising Sun by William Simpson and Toby Wiltshire – A large scale light and sound installation that comes to life as the real sun sets.

Save Our Seas: Message in a Bottle by… – An art installation combining environmental messages and interactive workshops.

The Umbrella Tree by Rag and Bone – A botanical mechanical contraption designed to bemuse, baffle and amuse children of all ages.

Hydromania by Avanti Display – A multi-sensory show that incorporates comic mime, live band, choreographed dance and watery effects.

DD Allen – A singer songwriter with a mix of irresistible guitars, soulful harmonica and heartfelt vocals.

Life Boat by The Institute for Crazy Dancing – Join in when the the Lifeboat of hammocks anchors in Bournemouth.

Mother Ukers – Bournemouth’s very own ukelele trio, impossible to resist.

Selby and the Dharma Blitz – An eight-piece fusion of folkloric storytelling with infectious groove.

Live Score and Screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail… – One of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest early films, accompanied by a live music from BSO’s Kokoro.

Legendary Lynn the Mermaid – A merman and mermaid carried on the shoulders of their short-sighted fishermen.

Willy and Wally by Cocoloco – Willy and Wally are up to their necks in rubbish, and it’s getting deeper.

Atlantico Salsa Band – Playing cumbia, vallenato, salsa, merengue, and mambo.

The Ballina Whalers – Ballads, shanties and seafaring songs from this harmonious trio.

Bikes VS Cars and A Plastic Ocean double-bill… – Explore the bicycle as an amazing tool for change and a documentary highlighting the consequences of our disposable global lifestyle.

Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN) is back ‘On… – A networking event for anyone who works, or has an aspiration to work, in the outdoor arts sector.

The Raree Man presents The Peepshow, by Promenade… – A bizarre storytelling world with puppets, stage mechanics and film inside The Peepbox.

Topiary Traumas by Kitsch & Sync – A comedy dance performance about troublesome topiaries.

Rising Voices Wessex – Enjoy this talented community choir.

All The Things I Lied About by Katie… – A fearlessly honest comic-exploration of the science of lying. No, really!

JOAN by Lucy Skilbeck – An earthy story of courage, conviction and hope with uproarious songs, exploring what it means to stand out.

Rewild by Livia Rita & Artists – An avant-garde combination of live music, stark writing, stylised movement, raw imagery and uncompromised costumes. Shelley Theatre.

Sixth Sense by Luke Jermay – He can read your mind. No gimmicks, just awe-inspiring intuitive abilities.

Stone and Voice and Gabriel Faure: Requiem – The history of St Peter’s Church and its Resurrection Chapel is explored through music and display.

The Dark Room by John Robertson – You awake to find yourself in a Dark Room! You, the audience must choose an option.

Morale is High (Since We Gave Up Hope)… – A thrashy gig theatre smashing together pop, politics and time travel to create an ongoing evaluation of our political climate.

Time Travelling Magicians by Morgan & West presented… – A magical extravaganza.

“Surf’s Up” Family Rave by Big Fish Little… – A daft, social, anarchic rave with a ‘Surfs Up’ theme.

Aqua Sonic & Church for the Night – An interactive, multi-sensory experience in St Peter’s Church, brought to you by the Nightclub Chaplaincy and Church for the Night.

Sense of Unity by Dundu and Worldbeaters – An evening of visual spectacle and live music, with a procession of illuminated puppets.

Litterbugs – Workshop – A Character Creation workshop for aspiring inventors and budding filmmakers.

For more details visit Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival website

Why not book a stay at The Arlington Hotel for a couple of nights to give yourself time to enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

The Arlington Hotel overlooks the Lower Gardens, where a lot of the Arts Festival action takes place. From here it is just a short walk through the gardens to the beach and the town centre for more festival activities.