Special Diets

The Arlington Hotel  is pleased to cater for any special diets. Please just let us know what special dietary requirements you may have, including vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. Our dinner menu always includes a vegetarian option.
 Call us on 01202 552 879  to discuss any special diet requirements or use  the Arlington contact form.
It is always helpful if we are informed in advance of any special diets or allergies.We will try to accommodate any allergies wherever possible, and we can provide information on the presence of any of the 14 major allergens in all of our dishes.

Food allergen information

Allergen Information We believe that it is important that customers with food allergies or intolerances are able to make informed choices when choosing what to eat during their stay at our hotel. Please confirm with reception any dietary requests that you have made or would like.  If you have any queires or concerns please address these to the duty manager, our waiters are not trained to advise on dietary requirements.

Our breakfast menu is based on a list of standard breakfast items that we serve most days. We have produced a table giving the allergen information in relation to all breakfast items. If you need any more information please contact reception.
Our lunchtime menu offers a range of dishes as well as sandwiches. We have produced a table giving the allergen information in relation to these dishes.  If you need any more information please contact reception.
Every morning we display the evening dinner menu for the same day. To accompany the menu the chef prepares a chart showing all the dishes on the menu and their allergen content. You can request a copy ofthis from reception.
What’s going on behind the scenes?
Most of the dishes that we serve are made here on the premises by our team of chefs. They have a process of recording the use of allergens in thedishes we prepare.Each dish has its own ‘passport’– a record of exactly what allergens, if any, went in to creating the dish. The ‘passport’ is kept with the dish so ifanyone needs to know the allergen content then this information can be provided easily.
We buy-in various food items from third party suppliers. These include: Items that we buy from a manufacturer, wholesaler or specialist supplier for example sausages, tinned baked beans, tinned tomatoes, bread, flour, sugar, ice cream.You don’t ever see the packaging but we keep the allergen information provided by the supplier in a folder in reception so that it can be referenced on request.
Items that are served to you in the manufacturers packaging (e.g. tomato ketchup, individual cereal portions, crisps and nuts from the bar).You can read the allergen information provided on the manufacturer’s packaging.
This information is available in the room folders and at reception.